Working with AutoHotkey scripts

Running AutoHotkey scripts

Running AutoHotkey scripts can be done with a simple keypress (F5) or by clicking the Run button in the toolbar.

Using the AutoHotkey Help

Looking up a certain command/function in the help file is very simple. In order to do so, select said command/function and press F1.

Compiling AutoHotkey scripts

Press Ctrl+F7 to compile your script or select Tools > Compile in the menu bar.

Selecting the AutoHotkey version (advanced)

You can choose which build of AutoHotkey you want to use for running and compiling scripts by clicking on the platform selection button in the toolbar (). This is useful if you need to check your scripts' compatibility with said builds.

Currently SciTE4AutoHotkey lets you use the following builds:

If AutoHotkey v2-alpha is installed, the following platforms are also available (although without support for compiling scripts due to the lack of publicly released self-contained binaries):